1. Is this free for job seekers ?

Yes, Apart from everything we are not here to just publish vacancies; we are here to give what you all willing to get for you future.

  1. Why should I Register ?

If your registered with us. We keep updating you through an alert system when we post the job that you are required. “You can register through the login option”

  1. I have a Problem on finding a job ?

Just Calm! We have a good job that what you need for your future. You Just register and upload your CV in our website.

Don’t forget to browse always it makes you to update.

  1. Can I get a job if I have no job experience?

Yes, if you have the Suitable Qualification that relevant to that job you will get it. There are lots of vacancies we publish that not need the experience. Keep searching through our site. Keep looking we are here for you always.

  1. How can I publish a vacancy ?

Create and Job offer account. Then Click on New Job Offer button and follow the instructions. If you find this is difficult just send your vacancy details to info@eazyjobs.lk and we’ll contact you with the proceedings.